Stay Cooler & Fresher with Solatube® Home Ventilation Systems.

Whole House Fans

Solatube® Whole House Fans cool your home naturally by pulling the fresh air inside and pushing the hot air out. Not only is your home cooled in minutes without the high cost of electric air conditioning, but stale air is actually replaced with fresh air from outside. Whole House Fans keep your home and attic cooler during the warm summer months by up to 30 degrees.

Attic Fans

Solatube® Attic Fans are solar-powered and use no electricity. By pulling heat from your attic and the structure of your home, Attic Fans keep you more comfortable inside and help to keep roof structures and materials from deteriorating, all while reducing energy costs and saving you money.

Whole House Fans

Learn more about Solatube® Whole House Fans (2-min. video).

Attic Fans

Learn more about Solatube® Attic Fans (1-min. video).

Solatube® Whole House Fans…

cool quietly & efficiently.

Extremely quiet and works in minutes to cool your entire home.

are healthier.

Improves air quality by removing stale air and pollutants, replacing it with fresh air from outside.

are cost effective.

Lowers your energy bills by reducing your need to use electricity to cool your home.

Solatube® Attic Fans…

keep your home cooler.

Cools your home by up to 30 degrees by pulling heat from your attic and walls.

help preserve your home.

Removes moisture and heat, helping preserve your home’s building materials.

use no electricity.

Uses no electricity while lowering energy costs, saving you money.

whole house + attic fan working together

Solatube® Whole House and Attic Fans Work Together for Optimal Performance.

Solatube® Whole House and Attic Fans work together to optimize cooling, stale-air replacement, and energy reduction—all while helping your home last longer and creating a healthier, more pleasant environment.

THE Construction Co. of San Luis Obispo is a Premier Dealer of Solatube® residential daylighting and ventilation systems for Tubular George of Santa Barbara, California.


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