Brighten Your Home: Sunlight All Day Long with Solatube® Daylighting.

Solatube’s® innovative tubular daylighting systems are far more than just a skylight.

Solatube’s® revolutionary daylights brighten up even the darkest rooms—kitchens, living spaces, bathrooms, and even hallways. That’s because they use “patented optical lenses and reflectors capture sunlight from virtually any angle, including late-day, early morning, winter months, and northern climates” (from

Watch this 50-second video to see Solatube’s® revolutionary technology in action:

Solatube® Daylights are Better than Traditional Skylights.

In every way, Solatube® tubular daylights are far superior to traditional skylights. This revolutionary technology lets in more sun for more of the day—even on overcast days and in winter months. Here are some of the benefits of Solatube® daylighting:

Cost Effective

Lowers electricity bills by lighting rooms with free, healthy, natural sunlight.

Budget Friendly & Tax-Credit Eligible

Only a fraction of the cost of traditional skylights & eligible for up to 26% tax credit.

Eco Friendly

Uses no electricity and has earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® label.

Leak Proof on Any Roof

Leak-proof design is more durable than traditional skylights and fits any roof type.

Maximizes Sunlight

Maximum light capture and transfers 99.97% of sunlight. Doesn’t discolor sunlight.

Easy to Install

Installation is done in less than 2 hours.

Kitchen Before & After

Slide the handles to see before & after.

Solatube daylighted kitchen beforeSolatube daylighted kitchen after

Hallway Before & After

Slide the handles to see before & after.

Solatube daylighted hallway beforeSolatube daylighted hallway after

THE Construction Co. of San Luis Obispo is a Premier Dealer of Solatube® residential daylighting and ventilation systems for Tubular George of Santa Barbara, California.


Bring the Sunlight into Your Home.

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